Simple Tips for Weight Loss

Starting your weight loss journey can be daunting.  Whether you have 5 kilos to lose or 50. Regular exercise and healthy eating is key and there are some very simple tips to help you get started. Below are just a few.

WATER.  Water is the most important nutrient in the body.  If you are thirsty it means you are already dehydrated.  Staying hydrated is key to weight loss and if you add a big glass of water before every meal you will be closer to achieving your daily water intake and it will help you feel fuller which will assist in preventing overeating.

PORTION CONTROL. One of the biggest mistakes people make is having large portions.  Knowing what is the right portion is so important.  So do your research.  Measuring our snacks instead of eating straight from a bag can help.  Some people use smaller plates.  Make sure you put away any leftovers after plating up to stop yourself going back for seconds!

MOVE MORE. The more you move the better you will feel.  Some days it can be impossible to schedule a chuck of time to go for a run or hit the gym.  That’s OK.  Any movement is good movement.  Taking more breaks away from your desk, taking the stairs instead of the lift, park further away from the shops . . . anything that gets you moving more is good.

DON’T GO HUNGRY.  One of the mistakes I hear over and over again from someone trying to lose weight is “I was good all day but then at night I binge”. Its important to eat every 2 to 3 hours.  Its good to be hungry but not starving.  Once you get to this point you are more likely to overeat. So make sure you always have healthy snacks ready to go.

SLEEP. Sleep is so important.  Its hard to be motivated when you are tired and people who are tired are more likely to overeat during the day.  So aim for enough sleep each night that you wake up refreshed and energised ready to smash your goals in the morning!


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