Amazing April

On the eve of April as March draws to a close I am setting goals for the coming month. March was an ordinary month in our household filled with illness and due to this a lack of organisation.  When we deter from routine whether chosen like a fun event or the unforeseeable like falling sick our ship rocks. We lose our organisation and healthy habits.  It takes time and energy to eat well and train. You need to be organised with meal planning and meal prep and with a small child and two working parents there’s the calendar negotiating of who can train when.  But when we succeed we are happier and energised. It’s totally worth all the time and organisation it entails!

April has 30 short days but big goals can be achieved in this time!  What are your goals for Amazing April? My sister in law Ashleigh in March set a goal of running 60 kilometres in the month for charity.  She nailed it!  A friend Laura in March was inspirational and signed up and competed in a 65km fun run! What an outstanding effort. My husband competed in a gym competition which ended in March and lost 9 kilos and re-embraced training and clean eating (with the exception to footy with the boys – Shout out to Gaffy for the ticket!).

So what are your goals for April?  Lose weight? Cut out Sugar, soft drink, and/or Alcohol? Exercise every day? Drink more water? Whatever your goals are write them down and track your progress.  Be proud of what you achieve.  Involve family and friends and make it fun.  Replace bad habits with good and your more likely to continue beyond April.  Don’t let April be ordinary make it Amazing! You’ve got this x


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