New Running Shoes

Shoes can really make a difference to your work out.

A few years back I purchased running shoes.  I thought I had done all the right things and had them properly fitted with a sales consultant that had a fancy machine you walk across which apparently tells you all they need to know. After trying on two pairs of runners the sales consultant assured me these were the correct shoes for my feet.  I felt because this person is a professional in their field I should have confidence in the options he had provided.  I had nothing but trouble with them!

In October I started working out again.  Really working towards gaining strength, cardiovascular fitness and lose the dreaded baby weight.  About a month in I stumbled across my first problem . . .  an injury.  It was frustrating.  I had a strong feeling it was my sneakers.  I ended up buying cycling shoes for RPM and these begun a conversation with the instructor.  After explaining my injury and my frustration of not being able to run I was attending more RPM classes for a lower impact workout.  She thankfully recommended ‘The Running Company” in Hyde Park.

Running is a great stress release. It is incredibly convenient with a young son at home.  I can be out the door around the Marina and back in under 15 minutes.  It makes me feel energised and ready to focus on the rest of my day.  I also find exercising in the morning great to get me in the right mind set to focus on my nutrition for the rest of the day. So when I don’t have enough time to do a strength circuit at home or get to the gym, a Marina run is the next best thing.

Unfortunately due to my injury I haven’t been able to incorporate any runs into my program.  But feeling better over the last couple of weeks and keen to get running again I made an appointment at The Running Company ( with a lovely guy named Reece.

Reece qualified as a Personal Trainer almost 10 years ago and his knowledge was incredible.  The first thing Reece did was perform a gait analysis which consisted of running in my current shoes and running barefoot both on a treadmill.  The gait analysis is a study of your foot, ankle and lower limb motion during running and jogging.  The process evaluates the foot’s anatomical structure, and its related degree of pronation. Reece recorded both with a tablet and then explained the gait analysis to me and from this analysis why he believed my current shoes where not the correct fit for me.  It was a very interesting process.  His analysis and explanation of why my current shoes were incorrect for me made so much sense to the pain I was feeling during and after running in them.  My current shoe had way too much support on the inside and was causing my foot to roll out whereas the gait analysis showed that I have neutral footing and did not need this support.  The support was forcing my foot to move in a way that was not natural and not required.

He then had me try on four pairs of shoes which would complement my running technique and had me run on the treadmill while recording with the tablet and  allow me to run outside in the alley next to the shop so I could get a feel for the shoe.  He explained each gait analysis to me and took the time to listen to how I felt running in each. Nothing was too much trouble for Reece.  You could tell he loved his job; he was knowledgeable in the area and products and was passionate about helping others.

Today I went for my first marina run in too long.  I was hesitant, worried the pain would return and not wanting to impact the training I am able to do at the moment.  But there was no pain and no soreness after the run.  The shoes are comfortable and my run felt much easier than it has in the past.  I am so relieved and happy. They might not be the brand or colour I would normally pick (Photos below of my new much loved bright shoes and the slightly raining very overcast marine this morning) but the comfort and difference they make to my run is amazing.

The correct fitting shoes are so important. I am so happy to be able to hit the bitumen again and incorporate these quick runs on busy days when other workouts are just not achievable.

If you are looking for new running shoes check out The Running Company in Hyde Park.  Trust me you will not regret it!


Shop 3/278a Unley Road Hyde Park SA 5061 +61 8 8123 0774!/TheRunningCompanyAdelaide/reviews/

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