Plan. Plan. PLAN.

Do you plan when you will workout?  Research shows people who plan and commit to an exercise schedule are more likely to achieve their health and fitness goals.

In our house planning is essential.  With work, childcare, home duties, social engagements, family time and just general everyday toddler stuff (we are in the why stage!  It takes a lot of time to answer the never ending why questions!) Planning is a priority.

In the heart of our house, the kitchen, we have a massive A1 calendar which absolutely everything goes on.  As you can imagine it’s a little chaotic to read.  I get feedback from friends and family who see it that it’s slightly crazy and how do we fit it all in.  Well we plan, we negotiate and we MAKE IT HAPPEN!

One area which is really important is where we will fit in our workouts. We have standard days and times that Glen or I can go to the gym each week.  Keeping it consistent is creating a healthy habit and routine which is easier to stick to.  Plus knowing if I don’t take my opportunity while it’s programmed means I miss out on that workout as it’s highly unlikely there will be an unplanned spot at another time in the week to make it up.  This really motivates me when it’s on the calendar to get it done.

Life is chaotic and we don’t get to move as much as we would like but that will get easier as little mate gets older.   We are not perfect and illness, work and social commitments can get in the way.  However planning definitely helps us stay accountable.  Not to mention the dialogue and example it creates for Josh is creating a lifelong positive relationship with health and fitness and every opportunity he is given he loves to get involved.

How do you stay accountable?  Does planning help you stay committed?


Winter Motivation

Find it hard to stay motivated in the colder months. We all do but remember summer bodies are earned in winter.

Here are some tips on staying motivated when all you want to do is hibernate!


Goal setting is so important.  This can be a great motivator.  Achieving a goal will make all that hard work worth it and encourage you to stay on track.  Make sure your goals are meaningful to you and are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound! If your goal is all of these things the chance of you sticking to it and reaching it is very high.



When you achieve a goal celebrate and reward yourself.  Not with cake or a night out but with new activewear (who doesn’t want new activewear!), or your favourite tea.  Take a moment to bask in what you have achieved and then start aiming for the next goal! You’ve got this!



Organising to train with family or friends will keep you accountable.  If someone is waiting for you, you are more likely to turn up and work out.  So call someone now and organise a morning or evening run.  Lock in the time and location and then stick to it!


Now all that’s left is to get EXCITED.  So find what you love to do and do it.  Set your goals, reward yourself and if needed find a friend to help keep you accountable.


Your Food Relationship. Is it healthy?

Have you ever thought about your relationship with food?  Really thought about it?

Have you ever taken noticed of what you eat over the day or even a week, how much is fresh and how much is processed?

Have you thought I wish I had more energy?  I wish I could lose some weight?

We hear it all the time from clients, family and friends.  It is posted all over social media and through labels at the supermarket.  We have junk food advertised on the telly and then straight after an advertisement for a yogurt that will make you feel less bloated, or a probiotic to fight the bad gut bacteria or a multivitamin which is the answer to your lack of energy.

What if you didn’t need a quick fix or pick me up.  What if you just needed to eat healthy fresh food?  By simply changing your diet to contain healthy fresh food you could have more energy, sleep better, concentrate better and not to mention the dreaded food shopping trip would be so much quicker as you wouldn’t have to waste your time in 80% of the isles.

Any change is difficult.  Changes to our eating habits are especially difficult.  Food takes up so much of our day from shopping, preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning up.  To eat well it takes time, commitment and organisation.  But the end result of a healthy, better, more energised you is worth all the effort.

So how about this week you really take notice of what you eat and how you feel.  Acknowledge your relationship with food and how you could improve because you’re worth it!

Eat less from a packet