Skinny Jean Challenge

Skinny Jean ChallengeZip Up with Amazing Results in 30 Days!

Starts Monday June 13th 2016.

Do you want amazing results in a short time? Join the 30 Day Skinny Jean Challenge. Results guaranteed!

Each session includes personal training and nutritional guidance.

I recommend 2 sessions x 45 minute PT a week.  However I do understand some people are time poor so we can definitely make one session a week work. The session price is $30 so if you share with a friend it will only be $15 each per session.  Just note with measurements and food discussions sessions may be about an hour long with the workout section taking 45 minute.

In the first session we will discuss nutrition and you will be provided with nutritional information and recipe ideas, we will develop an exercise plan to keep you organised and motivated between the sessions. If you like we can weigh in once a week and take other body composition measurements. Some people like to see the number on the scale while others would prefer to go by how their clothes feel.  Its totally up to you! You will be provided with a food and exercise diary to encourage you to stay on track. I am available for any questions 24/7 through text, call, email and Facebook message.  So any questions about food whether its OK or types of exercise you want to try you can contact me and we can discuss.

The sessions can be performed at your home or local park.  I use a variety of equipment including kettle-bells, dumbbells, plate weights, power-bands, barbells and boxing equipment.

Some clients find from our sessions after the four weeks they have the confidence and knowledge to workout at home by themselves.  This is what this challenge is all about giving people the skills and knowledge to be able to continue with a fit and healthy lifestyle once they decide PT is no longer for them.

I personally love this challenge.  Its quick and if you commit results are guaranteed.

I love helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. This is a great challenge to get you started on your health and fitness journey with all fitness levels welcome. For all the amazing mums out there children are welcome at the sessions.

Contact me now. Spots limited.

Shelly x


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