3rd February 2018

Team Sweat just completed a four week healthy lifestyle challenge.  It was so much fun.  Each week there was a fitness challenge which really bought the competitive spirit out of some members.  Throughout the challenge Team Sweat members shared recipes and motivated others to each healthy.  Below are some of the photos team members shared along with their recipes.  I love all the colour!

22nd October 2017

What an achievement! 35kms! The bloody long walk was an amazing experience with a group of supportive Team Sweat members who encouraged each other all the way to the finish line.  Brilliant weather and great company!

8th April 2017

Team Sweat got together this morning at West Lakes and participated in a private stand up paddle boarding lesson run by Stand Up Paddle SA.

Awesome work by all members who got out in the amazing weather to be active and for most to try something new.

paddle boarding 5

30th March 2017

On the weekend a few Team Sweat members attended a roll and release workshop at Hot Yoga Life in the city. It was a great way to end a stressful work week.

Then on Sunday Amie, Sarah, Nicky and I participated in the Memory walk. It was a gorgeous morning for a social walk and then always my favourite part coffee after.

Getting out and being active with amazing people is so good for your body and soul. 💙

Memory Walk

28th March 2017

Recently members of Team Sweat participated in a 4 week weight loss challenege. This challenge was designed to help members get back on track now the silly season is well and truly over.

Below are the happy winners of the challenge. Sarah won a $100 rebel voucher with her amazing 4% body weight loss and David loss an outstanding 33cm in the short 4 weeks winning a $50 rebel voucher and a free PT session.

5th March 2017

Many members of Team Sweat are participating in a 4 week challenge. Today is the half way mark. The team are really motivating each other by sharing recipes, meal prep ideas and pictures of moving in the private Facebook group.

Being part of a supportive environment is so important to achieve your goals!

9th February 2017

Another hot evening and more awesome sessions. Amazing work Bec, Amie, Nicholas and Paul.

4th February 2017

Saturday night workout in the playroom#mumlife

16473930_10211648011133420_6938369604228079050_n (1).jpg

2nd February 2017

MASSIVE session for Nicholas and Amie tonight! Full body plate workout TIMED. The challenge was they had to keep correct form and beat their previous time. They nailed it with AMAZING results.

21st January 2017

Awesome sessions this morning at Jaycee Reserve. Jo, Abbey, Paul, Kimberley, Lucy and Maz gave it there all with some very challenging workouts!

18th January 2017

Nicholas, Amie, Nicky, Sarah, Nicole, and I participated in the Undies Run on Sunday, raising awareness and funds for bowel cancer.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us and for all the encouraging words.

The event had a great atmosphere and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year x

7th January 2017

Some photos of Team Sweat working hard this week in the heat!

Don’t let it be an excuse. Modify your workout if needed and keep your water intake up.

Don’t forget to focus on your nutrition. If your craving something cold and sweet try making your own banana ice cream or home made ice tea.

Stay cool x

7th January 2017

Lucy smashing out a beep test in the heat down at North Haven Marina.

She has just been accepted into the Police Academy and starts next Thursday 👊


5th January 2017

One of the promises I made myself coming into 2017 is when I’m craving something Ill make the healthiest version of it at home.

Tonight was pizza. I used wholemeal pita bread (chose the one with the less salt and sugar). Topped it with veg, pineapple, herbs and the tiniest bit of cheese. Only took 15 mins from start to eating it. (I’m eating early as I have training til late).

Next time you’re craving something stop and think how you can make it a home in the healthiest way. Sure it might not be the healthiest meal but its better than eating out


4th January 2017

Abbey smashed a massive sesh at North Haven beach tonight. Feel the burn 👊 Good work 🙂


4th January 2017

So excuse the messy desk . . . Everyday with lunch I have homemade iced tea.

Zero calories and tastes amazing! Just swaps it up from water all the time. The most important aspect about living a healthy lifestyle is finding what you enjoy. You are much more likely to stick with it long term if you enjoy it.

Thanks to Esho N Shell who bought me tupperware bottles now everytime I make a Jug of iced tea I measure it out and its ready to go. Easy.

Todays flavour is Packs a Peach from T2.🍑


3rd January 2017

Awesome night to workout on the sand 🌊

1st January 2017

Delicious vegetarian stirfry on the menu tonight. Looks, smells and tastes amazing. Thanks Glen x


1st January 2017

Hope everyone had a great New Years!

We were all asleep by 10pm in our house 😴🎉

Upside early morning workout 👊 starting the new year strong!

Just used a powerband and a dinning room chair and managed to burn more than a quarter of my daily calories.

Set 1
Push ups
Tricep dips
Laydown pushups

Set 2
Elbow to knee crunches
Sit ups with twist
Pull throughs
Standing ab bikes

Set 3
Glute raises with kick
Donkey kick with fire hydrant
Powerband side step
Step ups

Hope everyone has a great day x

24th December 2016

Awesome work to those who have trained in the heat this week.

Some amazing results on the scales today with a team member getting under a number they haven’t been in a while and another losing 1.9kilos in one week. Awesome work!

Here’s a picture of Maz and Claire working hard in the heat this morning at Almond Tree Flat Reserve.


22nd December 2016

Planning, consistency and routine is key!

In 8 weeks of training at the Largs Bay Group sessions twice a week Bronwyn has worked hard and lost a massive 26cms! 8 cms from her waist alone!

So proud of her hard work and commitment. Well done Bronwyn


20th December 2016

Tonights laughs . . . . Sarah and Rhiannon enjoying the sunset while holding hands

(I also made them hold hands for an awkward amount of time while I took a photo.)

Love these girls and all their complaining

18th December 2016

Some photos from the TEAM SWEAT Christmas party at North Haven beach.

Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the arvo.

Shoutout to  Sarah for the gingerbread house. Josh is one exhausted happy preschooler.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

13th December 2016

Elles thought on tonight session . . .It was a big one!


13th December 2016

Awesome morning down at Almond Tree Flat reserve. Carly, Nicole and Bronwyn smashed out a tough leg session!

29th November 2016

Sarah and Rhiannon going hard a Largs.

29th November 2016

Nicole and Bronwyn starting the day with a big leg session at Almond Tree Flat Reserve in Largs.


6th November 2016

 Izla’s Carousel Run this morning . . . Well we walked the 10kms. Awesome event. So well organised and a great atmosphore. Credit to the organisers!

4th November 2016

Such an amazing morning to be out and active.  All set up for small group training in Novar Gardens.


24th October 2016

Tomorrow is my birthday so I took the opportunity yesterday to celebrate with a friend. We started the day with the Marino to Hallett Cove boardwalk. It was awesome! Such a great walk and totally recommend it. We then had lunch at Nutrition Republic (thanks for the recommendation Sarah  ). The food and coffee was amazing. If you’re looking for a healthy meal check it out. I totally ate too much

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend x

5th October 2016

9.30pm session full body session at home. Office job all day, pt clients all evening so the only chance I get to workout is late at night. It would be easy to avoid and not get it done but the only person I would be cheating is myself. Make time for you! You’re worth it


5th October 2016

Sarah and Rhiannon went hard tonight. Backing up leg day yesterday with an intense arm and core sesh today


5th October 2016

Beautiful afternoon to be active at Almond Tree Flat Reserve.

14595687_1806565036251199_1557146547877777129_n (1).jpg

28th September 2016

Wild Storm . . . The WHOLE of South Australia without POWER.  Rhi and Sarah still workout!

Carport workouts during a storm and a blackout. Lit by car headlights! Nailed it girls!

18th September 2016

Huge well done to all the Team Sweat members who got out there and made it an active, fun and social day. You are all amazing.

Special shout out to Tanya . . . you smashed it.

31st August 2016

Thumbs up to these girls!

Body measurement day and Sarah has lost an awesome 14 cms in total and Rhiannon lost an awesome 5 cms from her hips alone!

Keep up the good work girls x


28th August 2016

Beautiful morning at Semaphore for a HIIT Circuit.


24th August 2016

Rebecca smashing arms and core in beautiful Semaphore.


27th July 2016

Do you think you need a big space to train and work up a SWEAT? Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t!

Elle and Lisa train twice a week with me and if the weather is miserable our sessions are held in Elles kitchen . . . Yep thats right in her KITCHEN!

And trust me these girls work up a SWEAT and are seeing results.


24th July 2016

The weather is totally crazy! 9 degrees this morning but felt -10! The wind was icy cold! Rebecca still smashed out a plate session with boxing to warm up. This girl is STRONG and throws a seriously mean punch!

22nd July 2016

Whole body workout with Klea this morning.

5 weeks into training and she has made unbelievable progress! She nails technique and goes her hardest in every single session!

21st July 2016

Arm and Core HIIT session set up at St Clair ready for Elle and Lisa.


20th July 2016

Buddy training is great fun! Training with a friend can be filled with lots of laughs and you have someone the next day who will totally understand how you couldn’t even get out of bed! #legday #itsgonnahurttomorrow

3rd July 2016

Morning session with the amazing Leah at Almond Tree Flat Reserve in Largs Bay. Enjoying boxing and cardio in the morning sun.


1st July 2016

Early morning session with Klea in Oakden.  It was a cold moring but the sun was out.  We were blessed to see a beautiful sun shower as Klea worked hard on smashing her goals.

4th April 2016

Late session at JAYCEE PARK, NORTH HAVEN.  Loved watching the sunset behind the boats at the marina.

North Haven Marina During Training

21st March 2016

Miss K rocking out at a session.  Working hard and making progress!

Kara Chest Press 21.03.2016.jpg

Kara Tricep Dips 21.03.2016.jpg