Small Steps. Big Impact.

The days are shorter and the morning and evenings are unbearably cold.  Staying on track this time of year is difficult.  I’ve had many discussions with TEAM SWEAT members over the last few weeks about how hard it is to stay in routine and keep motivated.  I have to say I understand.  This time of year is brutal and I have also fallen into bad habits with nutrition and fitness. Shout out to Cadbury’s your Oreo chocolate bars are amazing. . . hang on where was I . . . yes healthy habits.

Everyone is different and you need to find what works for you.  Set goals, tell people about them, surround yourself with positive supportive friends and family then smash them out the park.  

Last week I set 3 goals – one nutrition, one fitness and one family.  I told my hubby who got on board and then we told some friends who also got on board.  To make it interesting we turned it into a challenge with the loser buying dinner . . . healthy of course.  But let’s be honest there are no losers we are all improving ourselves.

Four people working towards bettering themselves with nutrition and fitness. Supporting each other and creating healthy habits in a fun and friendly environment.  That’s what SWEAT and INSPIRE is all about. 

These small steps of deciding to make a change, setting goals and creating a supportive community will have a big impact on your health today, tomorrow and in the future. 

Challenges are not everyone’s cup of tea, so find what works for you whether it’s getting a personal trainer, committing to walking in your lunch break or cutting out sugar. 

The smallest step can have the biggest impact. So why not make July the month you set your goals to eat right, get moving and have fun.  x


Plan. Plan. PLAN.

Do you plan when you will workout?  Research shows people who plan and commit to an exercise schedule are more likely to achieve their health and fitness goals.

In our house planning is essential.  With work, childcare, home duties, social engagements, family time and just general everyday toddler stuff (we are in the why stage!  It takes a lot of time to answer the never ending why questions!) Planning is a priority.

In the heart of our house, the kitchen, we have a massive A1 calendar which absolutely everything goes on.  As you can imagine it’s a little chaotic to read.  I get feedback from friends and family who see it that it’s slightly crazy and how do we fit it all in.  Well we plan, we negotiate and we MAKE IT HAPPEN!

One area which is really important is where we will fit in our workouts. We have standard days and times that Glen or I can go to the gym each week.  Keeping it consistent is creating a healthy habit and routine which is easier to stick to.  Plus knowing if I don’t take my opportunity while it’s programmed means I miss out on that workout as it’s highly unlikely there will be an unplanned spot at another time in the week to make it up.  This really motivates me when it’s on the calendar to get it done.

Life is chaotic and we don’t get to move as much as we would like but that will get easier as little mate gets older.   We are not perfect and illness, work and social commitments can get in the way.  However planning definitely helps us stay accountable.  Not to mention the dialogue and example it creates for Josh is creating a lifelong positive relationship with health and fitness and every opportunity he is given he loves to get involved.

How do you stay accountable?  Does planning help you stay committed?