How many times have you decided to overhaul your lifestyle in order to lose weight and get fit, only to abandon your efforts in a few weeks or after only a few days? How many times have you lost weight on a quick fad diet, only to find that once you started eating normally you put the weight and probably more back on?

There are many reasons this may have happened.  Talking to friends, family and TEAM SWEAT members what I have identified as being a major contributing factor is not developing a “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE MINDSET”.

A healthy lifestyle mindset will keep you moving forward and making progress in your efforts to lose weight and get fit even when you hit hurdles in your journey.

So what does a healthy lifestyle mindset look like?

  1. Accept Yourself for Who You Are

One of the unfortunate parts of society these days is the ease in which social media allows you to compare yourself to other.  How they look, what they have, etc. Everybody is unique and you need to focus on yourself and who you are that makes you unique and not to compare yourself to others. Appreciate your life and let others worry about their own.

  1. Eating Healthy = Feeling Healthy

To achieve a healthier mindset and outlook on life as well as generally feeling great you need to eat healthy nutritious food.  Food is fuel.  It helps with general health and wellbeing, concentrate better, sleep better and get the most out of your training. Respect yourself by eating what your body deserves – FRESH NUTRITIOUS FOOD.


This is so important!  As much as I dislike the Pokemon GO phase (please let it be a phase) It has got people moving.  You don’t need to run 10kms a day or smash out huge sessions in the gym.  Just aim for 30mins of movement 5 days a week.  Walk in your lunch break, take your dog for a walk, ride your bike or skateboard.  JUST MOVE!

  1. Rest

Just as much as eating nutritious healthy food and moving is important don’t forget to rest.  Having a regular bedtime and sleeping for the required amount of time for you to rise the next morning feeling well rested and ready to go is essential. (Ok side note here – I have a toddler who doesn’t sleep well so all the mums out there try your best, compensate with coffee and dreaming of a day where regular sleep will be part of your life again).

  1. Surround Yourself with Positive People

This is one of the most important elements.  Ever worked in a job where there was that one person who always complained and was negative.  Ever noticed how it spread and for every negative comment that person made it took five to rectify it.  Negativity can have a harmful impact on your life.  It can drain you of energy quickly.  Steer clear of the drama and socialise with friends, family and work mates who are up-beat, positive and supportive of you.  You will find quickly this will have a positive impact on your outlook on life and reinforce the healthy decisions you are making.


As much as surrounding yourself with positive people will have a healthy impact on your life remember the most important positive person in your life is YOU! We are conditioned not to compliment ourselves.  As aussies we are always taking the piss and laughing at our faults.  Well from now on complement yourself.  If you beat a personal best on the treadmill or eat only healthy nutritious food for the entire day pat yourself on the back.  Be proud of those achievements and tell your friends. As all the people surrounding you are positive they will celebrate your achievements with you (probably take the piss a bit but mostly celebrate).

  1. Appreciate the Small Things

Always appreciate the small things.  Acknowledge your good days, accept and appreciate compliments you receive, enjoy the sunshine coming through the clouds.  Be thankful for your health and your loved ones. We take the small things for granted when they are really the most important.  Life is not about the destination it’s about the journey. Had to at least have one annoying saying in here, but its true.

Having a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE MINDSET is all about creating a life you love. So don’t compare yourself to others, respect your body and eat nutritious food, move more in your day, listen to your body and rest when you need to, be positive and surround yourself with positive peeps, and most importantly take the time to appreciate the small things x


Fitness in Nature

Have you ever noticed a sense of being happier and more calm after an outdoors training session?  Well research suggests that training outdoors amongst nature has great psychological benefits as it lifts your mood and lowers stress.

Lately I have been making a conscious effort to ensure a regular part of my training is done outdoors and organised a monthly hike with a friend.  We chose a different location every month to keep things interesting!

Below are the top 5 benefits THE FIT FOODIE ( has identified from training outdoors.


  1. Sunshine

Vitamin D provided by exposure to the sun has some great benefits. It strengthens your immune system, makes bones stronger and also actually improved your mood. Exposure to sunlight is a common treatment for depression and other mood disorders. Endorphins, which can raise your mood and keep it stable, are released when you spend time in the sun.

  1. Mental Stimulation

Outdoor exercise provides mental stimulation that indoor workouts simply cannot match. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out at home or at your local gym, you’ll always be surrounded by the same four walls. Training outside means you have constantly changing scenery that excites and stimulates your brain. Give your mind a workout as well as your body!

  1. Psychological Benefits

An increasing amount of research shows us that outdoor activity is psychologically beneficial as well as physiologically. Exercising amongst nature amongst trees and wildlife can give you a healthy mood boost and combat anxiety, lowering tension and alleviating stress that many of us suffer from.

  1. New Exercises

Despite some claims that exercise simulations are just as good as the real thing, you’ll find outdoor training uses muscles you never thought you had. Running outdoors is physically more demanding than a treadmill, even on an incline.

  1. More varied workout

Outside you’ll encounter varied terrain and conditions that cannot be simulated in the gym. You hit hills and different surfaces, such as concrete, grass, sand and – of course – earth and mud! All these surfaces and gradients exercise your body in different ways. You’ll need to flex your limbs differently in order to adapt to the contour of the terrain.

So if you are looking to spice up your training routine think about heading outdoors!

Bad Habits

We all have bad habits we want to break. Habits we’ve had most our lives. One of mine is emotional eating.

It use to be a tough day at work or a bad night sleep with Josh was a good excuse to eating something unhealthy. I have acknowledged this bad habit and I am conscious of it.

I’m pretty good these days but after a sad stressful day yesterday I fell off the wagon and went all out. Hot chocolate, custard tart, maccas. You name it.

Well today I have a huge food hangover with massive food regret! But its a new day and junk food won’t solve anything so the best way to feel better is to get moving. Quick carport workout this morning while Josh played with the dogs helped me feel reenergised.

Any health and fitness habit you’ve had for most your life takes time to break. Recognising it and being conscious of the triggers and excuses as well as having an alternative at hand will help turn the unhealthy habit into a healthy one.

And remember we all fall down, its how you get back up that counts x


Small Steps. Big Impact.

The days are shorter and the morning and evenings are unbearably cold.  Staying on track this time of year is difficult.  I’ve had many discussions with TEAM SWEAT members over the last few weeks about how hard it is to stay in routine and keep motivated.  I have to say I understand.  This time of year is brutal and I have also fallen into bad habits with nutrition and fitness. Shout out to Cadbury’s your Oreo chocolate bars are amazing. . . hang on where was I . . . yes healthy habits.

Everyone is different and you need to find what works for you.  Set goals, tell people about them, surround yourself with positive supportive friends and family then smash them out the park.  

Last week I set 3 goals – one nutrition, one fitness and one family.  I told my hubby who got on board and then we told some friends who also got on board.  To make it interesting we turned it into a challenge with the loser buying dinner . . . healthy of course.  But let’s be honest there are no losers we are all improving ourselves.

Four people working towards bettering themselves with nutrition and fitness. Supporting each other and creating healthy habits in a fun and friendly environment.  That’s what SWEAT and INSPIRE is all about. 

These small steps of deciding to make a change, setting goals and creating a supportive community will have a big impact on your health today, tomorrow and in the future. 

Challenges are not everyone’s cup of tea, so find what works for you whether it’s getting a personal trainer, committing to walking in your lunch break or cutting out sugar. 

The smallest step can have the biggest impact. So why not make July the month you set your goals to eat right, get moving and have fun.  x


Skinny Jean Challenge

Skinny Jean ChallengeZip Up with Amazing Results in 30 Days!

Starts Monday June 13th 2016.

Do you want amazing results in a short time? Join the 30 Day Skinny Jean Challenge. Results guaranteed!

Each session includes personal training and nutritional guidance.

I recommend 2 sessions x 45 minute PT a week.  However I do understand some people are time poor so we can definitely make one session a week work. The session price is $30 so if you share with a friend it will only be $15 each per session.  Just note with measurements and food discussions sessions may be about an hour long with the workout section taking 45 minute.

In the first session we will discuss nutrition and you will be provided with nutritional information and recipe ideas, we will develop an exercise plan to keep you organised and motivated between the sessions. If you like we can weigh in once a week and take other body composition measurements. Some people like to see the number on the scale while others would prefer to go by how their clothes feel.  Its totally up to you! You will be provided with a food and exercise diary to encourage you to stay on track. I am available for any questions 24/7 through text, call, email and Facebook message.  So any questions about food whether its OK or types of exercise you want to try you can contact me and we can discuss.

The sessions can be performed at your home or local park.  I use a variety of equipment including kettle-bells, dumbbells, plate weights, power-bands, barbells and boxing equipment.

Some clients find from our sessions after the four weeks they have the confidence and knowledge to workout at home by themselves.  This is what this challenge is all about giving people the skills and knowledge to be able to continue with a fit and healthy lifestyle once they decide PT is no longer for them.

I personally love this challenge.  Its quick and if you commit results are guaranteed.

I love helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. This is a great challenge to get you started on your health and fitness journey with all fitness levels welcome. For all the amazing mums out there children are welcome at the sessions.

Contact me now. Spots limited.

Shelly x


Plan. Plan. PLAN.

Do you plan when you will workout?  Research shows people who plan and commit to an exercise schedule are more likely to achieve their health and fitness goals.

In our house planning is essential.  With work, childcare, home duties, social engagements, family time and just general everyday toddler stuff (we are in the why stage!  It takes a lot of time to answer the never ending why questions!) Planning is a priority.

In the heart of our house, the kitchen, we have a massive A1 calendar which absolutely everything goes on.  As you can imagine it’s a little chaotic to read.  I get feedback from friends and family who see it that it’s slightly crazy and how do we fit it all in.  Well we plan, we negotiate and we MAKE IT HAPPEN!

One area which is really important is where we will fit in our workouts. We have standard days and times that Glen or I can go to the gym each week.  Keeping it consistent is creating a healthy habit and routine which is easier to stick to.  Plus knowing if I don’t take my opportunity while it’s programmed means I miss out on that workout as it’s highly unlikely there will be an unplanned spot at another time in the week to make it up.  This really motivates me when it’s on the calendar to get it done.

Life is chaotic and we don’t get to move as much as we would like but that will get easier as little mate gets older.   We are not perfect and illness, work and social commitments can get in the way.  However planning definitely helps us stay accountable.  Not to mention the dialogue and example it creates for Josh is creating a lifelong positive relationship with health and fitness and every opportunity he is given he loves to get involved.

How do you stay accountable?  Does planning help you stay committed?


Winter Motivation

Find it hard to stay motivated in the colder months. We all do but remember summer bodies are earned in winter.

Here are some tips on staying motivated when all you want to do is hibernate!


Goal setting is so important.  This can be a great motivator.  Achieving a goal will make all that hard work worth it and encourage you to stay on track.  Make sure your goals are meaningful to you and are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound! If your goal is all of these things the chance of you sticking to it and reaching it is very high.



When you achieve a goal celebrate and reward yourself.  Not with cake or a night out but with new activewear (who doesn’t want new activewear!), or your favourite tea.  Take a moment to bask in what you have achieved and then start aiming for the next goal! You’ve got this!



Organising to train with family or friends will keep you accountable.  If someone is waiting for you, you are more likely to turn up and work out.  So call someone now and organise a morning or evening run.  Lock in the time and location and then stick to it!


Now all that’s left is to get EXCITED.  So find what you love to do and do it.  Set your goals, reward yourself and if needed find a friend to help keep you accountable.


Your Food Relationship. Is it healthy?

Have you ever thought about your relationship with food?  Really thought about it?

Have you ever taken noticed of what you eat over the day or even a week, how much is fresh and how much is processed?

Have you thought I wish I had more energy?  I wish I could lose some weight?

We hear it all the time from clients, family and friends.  It is posted all over social media and through labels at the supermarket.  We have junk food advertised on the telly and then straight after an advertisement for a yogurt that will make you feel less bloated, or a probiotic to fight the bad gut bacteria or a multivitamin which is the answer to your lack of energy.

What if you didn’t need a quick fix or pick me up.  What if you just needed to eat healthy fresh food?  By simply changing your diet to contain healthy fresh food you could have more energy, sleep better, concentrate better and not to mention the dreaded food shopping trip would be so much quicker as you wouldn’t have to waste your time in 80% of the isles.

Any change is difficult.  Changes to our eating habits are especially difficult.  Food takes up so much of our day from shopping, preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning up.  To eat well it takes time, commitment and organisation.  But the end result of a healthy, better, more energised you is worth all the effort.

So how about this week you really take notice of what you eat and how you feel.  Acknowledge your relationship with food and how you could improve because you’re worth it!

Eat less from a packet

Simple Tips for Weight Loss

Starting your weight loss journey can be daunting.  Whether you have 5 kilos to lose or 50. Regular exercise and healthy eating is key and there are some very simple tips to help you get started. Below are just a few.

WATER.  Water is the most important nutrient in the body.  If you are thirsty it means you are already dehydrated.  Staying hydrated is key to weight loss and if you add a big glass of water before every meal you will be closer to achieving your daily water intake and it will help you feel fuller which will assist in preventing overeating.

PORTION CONTROL. One of the biggest mistakes people make is having large portions.  Knowing what is the right portion is so important.  So do your research.  Measuring our snacks instead of eating straight from a bag can help.  Some people use smaller plates.  Make sure you put away any leftovers after plating up to stop yourself going back for seconds!

MOVE MORE. The more you move the better you will feel.  Some days it can be impossible to schedule a chuck of time to go for a run or hit the gym.  That’s OK.  Any movement is good movement.  Taking more breaks away from your desk, taking the stairs instead of the lift, park further away from the shops . . . anything that gets you moving more is good.

DON’T GO HUNGRY.  One of the mistakes I hear over and over again from someone trying to lose weight is “I was good all day but then at night I binge”. Its important to eat every 2 to 3 hours.  Its good to be hungry but not starving.  Once you get to this point you are more likely to overeat. So make sure you always have healthy snacks ready to go.

SLEEP. Sleep is so important.  Its hard to be motivated when you are tired and people who are tired are more likely to overeat during the day.  So aim for enough sleep each night that you wake up refreshed and energised ready to smash your goals in the morning!